Legal Knowledge. Human Wisdom.

We count on:
  • The fascinating mixture between
    legal and fairness
We have:
  • A pragmatic, ingenious, effective
    and friendly approach
We like:
  • Results exceeding expectations and reactions like “wow, that wouldn't have crossed my mind”

About us. The Elephant’s Story

In MHLawyers we bring together the Legal Knowledge and Human Wisdom, a blend that perfectly matches our style and which became our motto. We have acquired a vast Legal Knowledge because of our dedicated lawyers and expertise in multiple industries. We offer it pragmatically and tailored to the specific needs of each business, so we can positively influence not only a moment on its road but perhaps the destination. So, besides being professionals, we are a handful of people for whom to understand the person behind the business and the mission truly matters. This Human Wisdom helps us to identify the solutions that support our clients in making key business decisions.

Thus, the story of the elephant did not start in some brainstorming session. The two components we’ve been keen on helped us to identify with the image of an elephant. The apparent rigidity of the law needs a human, empathic side, close to the other`s needs, and the elephants are, by far, the perfect example of a synergistic relation of strength and patience, confidence and wisdom.

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Areas of practice
The industries in which we mainly work and where we had the opportunity to offer dedicated, personalized approach, finding the most ingenious and often innovative solutions, are: electricity and natural resources, railway transports, the food industry, agriculture, retail, medical services, public...
Commercial Law / Business Law
Tax Law
Energy and Renewable Resources
Intellectual Property
Corporate Law - Contracts / Mergers and Acquisitions / Insolvency
Labor Law
Public procurement
Administrative law
Real Estate
The team
We are a lively and enthusiastic team. As a specific work style, in addition to the pleasure of working as a team and cooperating in each case, we manage to combine our styles so creatively that the overall image of the projects quickly becomes clear and well argumented. Hence, the ingenious ideas, effective ...